Saturday, December 15, 2007

HO-HO-HO.....get me outta here!

So this year I took the kids to see Santa at the mall. I actually put some effort into it and dressed them up, hoping to get a good picture of them. We arrived at the mall, and as we approached Santa, I was thrilled to see there was no line. Little did I know that it was now Santa's "dinner break" and he would be gone for an hour. Great, now I get to entertain the kids for an hour in a crowded mall, in their nice clothes. One of Santa's elves was very sweet and gave us a "front of the line" pass which meant that even if there was a line when Santa returned, we were able to get right in. So the kids and I went window shopping for awhile and got something to eat. When we returned I was shocked to see a long line of parents and kids waiting for their turn with Santa. I didn't have the heart to just cut in front of all those kids, even though I had the pass, so we headed back to wait patiently in line. When it was finally our turn, the kids were excited and Julia immediately ran in to sit on Santa's lap. Tanner started running also, but stopped dead in his tracks when he looked up and saw the big guy in the red suit. He turned to me and said "get me outta here!" Ha ha ha. I was laughing so hard, but was determined to get a picture after standing in line that long. So, needless to say the picture did not include Tanner......maybe next year.

Monday, December 10, 2007

What do you want?

It had been a less than pleasing day at work today. The Christmas rush is in full force and I find myself surrounded by gobs of cranky parents and kids. I was so glad to be home and just wanted to be left alone. Realistically I know that will never happen, but just the thought of it made me a little happier. So I return home, say hi to the kids and hubby, and go to the computer to check my email. All I needed was a little time to unwind and relax. After a few minutes on the computer, my husband hollered from the living room, "Leigh, come here." My first thought was 'are you kidding? What do you want?' Of course I didn't say that out loud, and being the good wife that I am (ha ha) I went to see what he needed. When I walked into the living room, this is what I saw...

How adorable is that? Apparently Tanner had climbed up on Ron's back to play horse, but was so tired he fell asleep. Ron wasn't able to get him off his back, which is why he had to call me in there. Talk about feeling like a jerk! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Headbands to the rescue!

So we have had a few days to recover from Julia's haircut and invest in some cute hats. Problem is, she doesn't keep the hats on...go figure. Thankfully I had set up a time to meet with a lady that makes headbands. I was originally meeting with her to purchase some for Olivia, but my focus had since changed and I needed to find a way to cover up Julia's haircut. I could have kissed her I was so happy to have something that would help our daughter look like a little girl again! :)

This picture was taken after the JC Penney "fix". Not much fix, but I guess at least it was evened out.

This is the fix with the takes a lot of hairspray and ratting. Yes, there is a slight resemblance to Aunt Jemima as well, but I'll take what I can get. :) Tanner's look says it all....

Monday, December 3, 2007


As parents of a 4 yr old girl, we have heard several times that little girls will experiment with cutting their hair at least one time. About a year ago, Julia found Ron's beard trimmer and took a small chunk of hair off the front of her head. No big deal.....she didn't have bangs at the time, so it was an easy fix....we gave her bangs. Problem solved. At the time I thought to myself ' that wasn't so bad, it certainly could have been worse'. I was right. While I was at work, Ron and the kids watched Catwoman on tv. I myself have never seen this movie, but later that evening we would find out which scene was Julia's favorite. After dinner that night, Julia went down to her room to play and Ron headed off to the gym. I was relaxing upstairs, talking on the phone with a friend. I heard Julia come up the stairs and looked up to see what she was doing. I was in shock as she walked closer, scissors in hand, no hair left. I told my friend I would need to call her back and hung up the phone. There were no words for what I was feeling at that very moment. She looked at me with big sad eyes and said "I don't want to be a boy!" My first thought was 'too late!' I asked her why she cut her hair and she said that catwoman did it on the movie and her hair looked nice when it was short. I'm sure it did look nice, I'm also sure that it was a professional that cut it. When Ron got back from the gym, he saw the damage and we immediately hid every pair of scissors we could find. The next night we took Julia to JC Penney to try and at least get her hair evened out. The hair stylist had no idea where to even start. The best she could do was to just make it as even as possible. After that we went on a mad hunt for hats. Julia did not want her picture taken after the incident, but I insisted.....after all, this will be funny.....someday.