Wednesday, October 21, 2009


With every child I have, I am always so excited when they first start to talk. I think it is adorable to hear them say their own words and try to copy and mimic everyone around them. Olivia has been talking for awhile, but has really started to put together sentences and learn colors, animals, etc. Every day when I drive Tanner to and from preschool we pass by a field that always has 3 horses roaming around. The kids have learned exactly where this field is and want me to drive by it slowly so they can check out the animals. Olivia gets just as excited as the rest of excited that she starts pointing and yelling "WHORE! WHORE!" Every time she says it Tanner gets so frustrated and says "No Olivia! It's not a whore, it's a horse!!" She just looks at him like 'duh! that's what I just said!'. I love the innocence and the fact that it's so darn funny and she has no idea why.