Thursday, November 15, 2007

That's not permanent is it?

It has become a ritual lately when I get home from work the kids greet me at the door and jump up and down screaming 'mommy's home!' It is adorable and so fun to see that they actually missed me. However, tonight I was greeted by Tanner only and I immediately noticed something on his forehead. As I hung up my coat I saw Julia sheepishly poking her head around the corner. Upon further examination of his forehead, I saw T-A-and part of an N written on him. Now I consider Tanner to be a smart boy, but to write the first 3 letters of his name, on his own head no less, would be genius. I asked Julia to come around the corner and she immediately tried to convince me that Tanner was the mastermind behind the whole incident. I let her know that I was happy she likes to write and is practicing her letters, but little brother's head is not the place to practice. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Luckily the pen wasn't permanent!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Candy pants

Sadly we still have Halloween candy left and I made the mistake of leaving the bowl on the counter one day. I was sitting in the living room feeding Olivia and this is prime time for Julia and Tanner to get into things they know they aren't supposed to have. They have learned that mommy isn't too quick to respond when she's holding a bottle. I had forgotten about the candy and when Julia came up from her room she spotted it. I told her not to go near it. She tried to convince me that she was just 'looking at it'. Hmmm....right. Did I think my parents were that dumb when I was her age? So I didn't say another word and figured I'd bust her when the time was right. Sure enough she attempted to tip-toe across the kitchen as if I wouldn't see her pass by the living room. Oddly enough a piece of her shirt was tucked into her pants. Hmmm, it hadn't been like that before spotting the candy bowl. I politely asked her to come into the living room and sit with me. She at first declined but when I asked again I could see the look on her face that she thought she won this battle. Miss Smarty Pants came and stood in front of me. I kindly untucked her shirt and heard the crinkling of wrappers (surprise, surprise). Her look of victory quickly turned to one of defeat. I told her to take the candy out of her pants and give it to me. It was hard not to laugh as she reached clear into her underwear to remove the 2 pieces of candy. I politely declined taking them from her after seeing where they had been. I let her know no one would be eating those and asked her to put them in the garbage. Nice try Julia.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I do my own stunts

Tanner has become quite the little dare devil lately and has given meaning to the phrase "boys will be boys". He loves to dive bomb off the couches, climb up on the counters and jump on beds. His new "trick" is to climb up on our bed and make his way over to our dresser. The problem is, once he's up there he can't figure out how to get down. As I was making dinner one night I heard him saying "let me down, let me down". I walked upstairs to see what he was getting into and saw this......notice what it says on his shirt....."i do all my own stunts".

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dancing With the Stars

One of our guilty pleasures is watching the tv show Dancing With the Stars. Julia and Tanner have also taken an interest in the show and find it fun to dance around and immitate the professionals. The other night Tanner came upstairs with Julia's dress up shoes and tutu on. I immediately commented on how 'pretty' he was and his response was "I'm dancing with the stars mom". Oh poor guy...I guess we need to explain which of the partner team he should be dressing as. Ha ha! I was able to capture a couple of pictures, but after the first one was taken he got embarassed and ran away. These pictures may come in handy some day. :)