Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fourth and Final...

We are excited to announce that the last member of our family is on his/her way. Ron and I wanted to wait until we had our first ultrasound to make sure baby is healthy before spreading the news...well that and our 6 year old feels the need to spread ANY bit of information she gets, so the kids just found out as well. I went to my ultrasound appointment fully expecting to see a "gummy bear" but much to my surprise it looked like a baby! This means I'm a little farther along than I thought and that is ALWAYS good news! The little peanut wasn't very cooperative though and is not very photogenic. Here is our newest baby's "first portrait"...I outlined the little stinker in the 2nd one just to show that there is actually a baby somewhere in that blur.


S and J plus 2 said...

So exciting for you all!! Congrats!

nandango said...

Look at little Natalie or Shepherd! How adorable!! haha

Zack & Alisha said...

Congrats! How exciting! Hope everything goes well for you, this last one made me so tired all the time.

HoganWorld said...

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